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Unlock Your Full Potential.

Your body’s energetic nature is the cornerstone of health and happiness.

To create a greater sense of peace and wellness, Concious Transformation Energy Sessions balance the mind, body, and emotional energies.

This balance will bring clarity, peace, and purpose to your daily life.

Kathy McCrary

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

About Me

I am a Certified Conscious Transformation Energy Practitioner and have been a student of Joey Klein’s teachings and Conscious Transformation for 3 years. The impact these teachings have had on my life have been profound. Having overcome traumatic childhood emotional abuse and the loss of my home in a California fire almost 2 years ago, I have learned through this work that you do not have to be a victim of your thoughts and emotions, that you can choose to live a life of peace, joy and freedom regardless of what is happening around you. It has become my passion to empower others with what I have learned and to help others to create an extraordinary life for themselves.

Inner Matrix Groups

  • 5-Week Meditation Practice

  • Based on the book, The Inner Matrix, by Joey Klein

The Inner Matrix details Joey Klein’s proven approach to living a truly rich and meaningful life using his core teachings and the practices of Concious Transformation. Combining the ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest science in genetics, psychology and brain function. Joey shares and limit success.

Join others to explore the simple practices and core concepts of The Inner Matrix and create the life you choose. Learn to operate with an empowered mind and centered emotions. Discover the tools that provide support for new ways of being allowing you to step into fulfilling experiences and a new vision for life.

Inner Matrix Groups in Bailey, CO


  • Orientation is on Wednesday, September 12th from 7-8:30 p.m.

  • Group will meet 5 consecutive Wednesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. from 9/19 through 10/17

  • No Cost except for materials

  • Book can be acquired at the 1st meeting for $13.00

  • No meditation experience necessary